41st Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Society

University of Bremen, 6 – 8 March 2019

Conference Programme

Conference Programme

Workshop Programmes

Workshop 4: Encoding varieties of topic and focus: the role of contrast and information status

Workshop Coordination

Johannes Mursell (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main)
Sophie Repp (Universität zu Köln)

Room SFG 1010

Workshop description

Programme of Workshop 4

06 March 2019
08:00 –09:00 Registration
09:00 –09:30 Welcome
09:30 –10:30 Plenary talk
10:30 –11:00 Presentation of the Wilhelm von Humboldt-Prize
11:00 –11:30 Coffee break
11:30 –12:30 Plenary talk
12:30 –13:45 Lunch break/
SIG Computational Linguistics: general assembly
13:45 –14:15 Johannes Mursell (Goethe-University Frankfurt) & Sophie Repp (University of Cologne) Encoding varieties of topic and focus: The role of contrast and information status
14:15 –15:15 Silvio Cruschina [invited speaker] (University of Helsinki) The greater the contrast, the greater the potential: On the effects of contrastive focus in syntax
15:15 –15:45 Maura Aurelia Cotfas (University of Bucharest) The C-field of (free) subjunctives in Romanian and instances of complementizer deletion
15:45 –16:30 Coffee break /
Poster Session Computational Linguistics (Part 1)
16:30 –17:00 Laura Becker (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg) & Gertrud Schneider-Blum (University of Cologne) The contrast marker =i/=ɪ in Tima (Niger-Congo)
17:00 –17:30 Alexandra Navarrete González (Pompeu Fabra University) The expression of contrast in Catalan Sign Language (LSC)
17:30 –18:00 Katharina Hartmann (Goethe-University Frankfurt), Iris Legeland (University of Amsterdam) & Roland Pfau (University of Amsterdam) Asymmetry and contrast in coordination in Sign Language of the Netherlands
19:30 – Conference Dinner


07 March 2019
09:00 –10:00 Frank Kügler [invited speaker] (Goethe Universität Frankfurt) Prosodic phrasing and accentuation in contrastive contexts
10:00 –10:30 Maria del Mar Vanrell (University of the Balearic Islands) & Ingo Feldhausen (Goethe-University Frankfurt) Focus realization in the native Spanish of monolingual and bilingual speakers
10:30 –11:15 Coffee break /
Poster Session Computational Linguistics (Part 2)
11:15 –11:45 Stefan Baumann (University of Cologne) & Jane Mertens (University of Cologne) The influence of information status on the prosody of sentence topics
11:45 –12:15 Francesc Torres-Tamarit (CNRS, University of Paris 8) & Maria del Mar Vanrell (University of the Balearic Islands) The phonetics and phonology of fronted focus in Catalan
12:15 –12:45 Christine T. Röhr (University of Cologne), Martine Grice (University of Cologne), Stefan Baumann (University of Cologne) & Petra B. Schumacher (University of Cologne) The role of prosody in the processing of prominence in contrastive structures
12:45 –13:45 DFG InfoEvent (Helga Weyerts-Schweda)
Lunch break/
Poster session Computational Linguistics (Part 3)
13:45 –14:15 Ramona Wallner (University of Konstanz) Prosodic restrictions for focus are cues for the realization of spoken French wh-interrogatives in-situ
14:15 –14:45 Carolin Harthan (University of Munich) Encoding information-structure through adverbial placement in written present-day English
15:00 –18:30 General Assembly of the DGfS
19:30 – Reception in the foyer of the Übersee-Museum


08 March 2019
09:00 –10:00 Plenary talk
10:00 –11:00 Plenary talk
11:00 –11:30 Coffee break
11:30 –12:00 Silvia Schaefer (Goethe-University Frankfurt) Verbal agreement and the person-agreement split in two North-Eastern Italian varieties
12:00 –12:30 Katharina Hartmann (Goethe-University Frankfurt) The interpretation of syntactic focus variation
12:30 –13:00 Leah S Bauke (University of Wuppertal) Exhaustivity marking in German and English: A challenge for L2 acquisition
13:00 –13:30 Fabian Bross (University of Stuttgart) Encoding different types of topics and foci in German Sign Language (Deutsche Gebärdensprache). A cartographic approach to sign language syntax
13:30 –14:00 Thuan Tran (University of Potsdam) Information structure and syntax interaction: A view from Vietnamese