41st Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Society

University of Bremen, 6 – 8 March 2019

Conference Programme

Conference Programme

Workshop Programmes

Workshop 8: Who cares? Contrast and opposition in „free“ phenomena

Workshop Coordination

Volker Struckmeier (Universität Bochum)

Room SFG 1030

Workshop description

Programme of Workshop 8

06 March 2019
08:00 –09:00 Registration
09:00 –09:30 Welcome
09:30 –10:30 Plenary talk
10:30 –11:00 Presentation of the Wilhelm von Humboldt-Prize
11:00 –11:30 Coffee break
11:30 –12:30 Plenary talk
12:30 –13:45 Lunch break/
SIG Computational Linguistics: general assembly
13:45 –14:15 Volker Struckmeier (Ruhr University of Bochum) What are options – and when are they optional?
14:15 –14:45 Markus Bader (Goethe-University Frankfurt) Free variation in verb cluster serialization – A harmonic grammar analysis
14:45 –15:15 Ekaterina Georgieva (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), Martin Salzmann (University of Leipzig) & Philipp Weisser (University of Leipzig) Two types of optionality in Udmurt and Mari verb clusters
15:15 –15:45 Theodore Levin (University of Maryland, College Park), Paulina Lyskawa (University of Maryland, College Park) & Rodrigo Ranero (University of Maryland, College Park) Optional agreement in Santiago Tz'utujil (Mayan) is syntactic
15:45 –16:30 Coffee break /
Poster Session Computational Linguistics (Part 1)
16:30 –17:00 Kleanthes K. Grohmann (University of Cyprus), Maria Kambanaros (Cyprus University of Technology), Evelina Leivada (UiT-The Arctic University of Norway) & Natalia Pavlou (CAT Lab) On ‘free’ clitic placement in production
17:00 –18:00 Klaus Abels [invited speaker] (University College London) Free alternations across modules: Theoretical consequences
19:30 – Conference Dinner


07 March 2019
09:00 –09:30 Joost Kremers (University of Wuppertal) Word order variation in parallel syntax
09:30 –10:00 Doreen Georgi (University of Potsdam) & Mary Amaechi (University of Potsdam) On “optional” wh-/focus fronting in Igbo – A SYN-SEM-PHON interaction
10:00 –10:30 Manuel Leonetti (Complutense University of Madrid) Subject inversion as a 'free' phenomenon
10:30 –11:15 Coffee break /
Poster Session Computational Linguistics (Part 2)
12:45 –13:45 DFG InfoEvent (Helga Weyerts-Schweda)
Lunch break/
Poster session Computational Linguistics (Part 3)
15:00 –18:30 General Assembly of the DGfS
19:30 – Reception in the foyer of the Übersee-Museum